Acoustics shaking it slowly


1:ralow frequency purpose: to create a refreshing, clean ultralow frequency effect
  Low frequency sound in 35-90 Hertz, which are under the attenuation band, 35 Hertz sound, then tighten don't tolerate 125 and attenuation, low residual 160 Hertz sound the general "buzzing sound, greatly after attenuating and refreshing voice will clean. Note: the high quality and low frequency to improve, lower HunCheng complaining.
2: thickening of low-frequency purpose: to create a fast, (but not in full of low frequency effect)
  Methods: using 60-cycle excision of the low frequency band, let the following response speed, promote a 160 Hertz, increasing the thickness, the attenuation 250 hz and 400-600 Hertz (usually 450 megahertz or depend on speakers, low ") in the empty, low noise, "says, especially the voice frequency head becomes solid and clean. Note: the quality is not high frequency speakers of low frequency sound of lower generally speaking unit, if it does not limit to improve vigorous, ensure clean first.
3:polishing intermediate frequency purpose: to voice, clear
  Methods: the first attenuation 1000-1500 hz or frequency band, voice, and also become thinner rose, the hardness of the ear. Feel Then the high frequency 2K attenuation around, intermediate frequency without feeling of harsh. Note: the quality of high frequency is scattered speaker, intermediate, thin, often easier.
4:crushing high-frequency purpose: to create a clear, and   there is no pressure, high space.
  Methods: the low frequency 3K energy, near the human ear is also sensitive to this band, produce the feeling that frequency, do some attenuation, due to the effects of low attenuation, after the crooks can be highlighted high frequency, delicate and space to noise near 6K sense, and appropriate flippancy or with the disk, the DJ general high-frequency cap, no more than 16K 12K in a nearby (approximately 2 timothy 4DB - breaking point, let hf).
  Note: the general domestic high-frequency unit cap is not high, with its high frequency ascension than lower attenuation cap. Ok, finish these, with a HOUSE or R&B music, and see if it gets a little comfortable. These tips according to my feeling of conceptual, provide specific how to play, according to the site, equipment, music styles do finer adjustment. In addition, this method is to play, "do" sound subjective adjustment, the play is, if any commercial transmission frequency characteristics, will not belong to this category.