Tuning skills primer


 Many sound and tuner face variety of audio equipment, often feel difficult to operate. Now the reader to introduce some tuning operation skills. The human ear to the feeling is more sensitive tone of voice, it can discriminate whether directly. If not, not only to tone with will make sound dull and boring, but also will make instruments or serious distortion singing, so the importance of processing ignored tone. For most people, the sound, the lack of high voice low compared to improve the clarity of the singing, but for a frequency compensation 3kHz, For the female is too high, and, voice, "to" the loud voice, not too harsh, 400Hz frequency components can be generally to compensate.
How to adjust the reverberation time well
  Reverberation usually determines the length of sound, generous color and clarity has direct impact. Normally, bass, while singing to the reverberation time shorter, so as to improve the clarity of the voice, If you are singing soprano can extend the reverberation time, to increase the voice of color. For singing places around the room, if the wall is made of wood material, then the reverberation time should be adjusted to avoid blurred voices, smaller, Conversely, if the room walls are composed of wood material by reverberation time and shall be adjusted in a small voice vague, from, Conversely, if a room hung there flannel curtains, such as the sound-absorbing material should be room up some reverberation time and avoid dry voice. In addition, the audience with the audience and have great influence on the scales, because the audience's clothing also has a lot of sound-absorbing function. Therefore, the sound, the tuner in 1-2 seconds can choose between a feel for the reverberation time.
How to regulate the good direct sound and mixing sound component ratio
  Completely direct sound without mixing sound output, not improve and beautify sound effect, and usually used only for meeting the occasion speeches and reading. Appropriately increase the proportion of mixing sound components, simulation, sound natural reverberation sound fuller, can increase the audience, only the third scene. Fully mixing sound without direct sound component output will make the voice "dyeing" phenomenon, thereby causing serious distortion, i.e., like in the bathroom, heard that the tub obscure, inline as "bathroom effect". Therefore, in no particular requirements of the situation, but in the middle, mixed knob is the direct sound component and mixing sound component ratio of 1:1, this will not only, voice, and will have certain distortion of the reverberation effect.
How to regulate the good mic volume and accompanied the ratio between music
  A pleasant songs, should be accompanied by 40%, singing voice of music 60%, if his tone, can some accompaniment to the music, the singer singing, If the singer to this song by melody is not very familiar, easily sing very out-of-tune, the racquet to hide these faults, and then can add some accompaniment. Music, But in the specific operation, we should pay attention to not microphone volume up too, can sing better than accompaniment music. Volume, Results appear riffs, most of the time was too weak to hear his voice, the only one there like QingChang kora OK, lost the atmosphere, But also can't let riffs, sound too strong, and will be overwhelmed "song of recording, it sounds like the band is playing music, experience in not taste the singer.
How to regulate the good accompaniment music tone
  According to the original music is accompanied the tone and adjusted to play, it is not every one his noise conditions, such as some of the original range, the higher the original YinOu low, In order to help accompaniment to each recording music take care of noise characteristic, sound recording, the sound of the tuner response characteristics have acute hearing reaction. Singing and tone controls on the middle, since not ascend, also does not decline. A song, if the singer and began to hike, to adjust, Conversely, the singer sing like feel bass area, or failing to, but is GaoYinOu according to actual situation will transmit tones to adjust to the recording.
  Sound is a very artistic, it needs to be tuning process has very good music feeling is and understanding, need ordinary higher music field have acute hearing reaction, so the sound can be adjusted by the audience.